Digital Solutions to Tackle Harmful Online Content

We use technology, legislation and publishing standards to quickly determine if content is wrongly published and build highly targeted services around that core function.

Act Quick.

Limit Damage.

It’s important to act quickly and take steps to limit  damage when something untrue and unfair is published online.  It can happen to anyone and we have a range of services to help if it happens to you.

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How It Works

There are laws in place to protect your reputation and privacy, and social media publishers have community standards in place.  Users follow our online triage to find solutions when something harmful or upsetting is published online.

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1. Answer Questions

Depublish users follow an online decision tree by answering a series of questions and inputting data.

2. Case Examination

This gives us the information we need to examine each case and cross-check it against relevant laws and standards.

3. Options Available

We send users a result and outline what we can do to help.

4. Action Taken

Solutions include actions to have the harmful content removed if it was wrongly published, contact with the poster and social media publishers.  We can also store evidence to e-discovery standards should legal action be required at a later stage for more difficult cases.

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